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How To Paint A Nerf Gun

Posted by HellRider on June 1, 2010 at 10:46 PM

Hello, this is HellRider. I decided to make a write up/tutorial about painting your Nerf gun. First of all its not that hard, you just have to be careful and don't soak you guns with spray paint.

I have painted a few guns but i am in no way an expert. My own personal preferences are black, woodland camo, and stuff like that. Its just my preference and i do know there are some really good and cool paint jobswith bright purples and greens. I actually own two red painted mavericks but i still like black and camo.


Now first of all you need to choose you paints. I use Krylon Fusion Spray Paints. They have many colors and (at least for me) Available at Wal Mart for around 8 bucks.

Do NOT, i repeat Do NOT ever under any circumstances use Valspar Spray Paint. It smells horrible and the paint really doesn't look good on Nerf guns. For some reason it really bubbles and the smell stays on your gun.

Also Krylon has Camouflage Spray paint and i use this allot. It doesn't stick the best but i have a solution for that which i will get to later.

The camo paint comes in Sand, Black, Khaki, Woodland Light Green, Brown, And Olive. and Its Ultra Flat so it won't be reflective. Here's Krylons web page for it.

Now before you take your gun apart make sure you have a picture of the internals somewhere, so you can put it back together properly.

Once you've dissembled your gun. Put all the internals off to the side. Sand the shell of your gun down with Sand Paper. Then take your gun to where you want to paint it. Now from here I'll be talking about how to paint it woodland tiger-stripe camo.

So if you want some other kind of paint job you should use your mind to figure out what to do, it really isn't that difficult.

Now what i used was: Khaki, Brown and Olive. (I don't think the woodland light green was available when i bought my paints) I will later on, once i can get the actually take pictures, i will post the end result of my camo paint jobs of my, Recon, Longstrike, and Element/Diskshot.

I started by painting the whole thing Olive, then started to paint the stripes on with brown. Also take your time painting, spray a little then wait then add more and wait for it to dry.

Then i just took some grass from my backyard and put them down on the gun, then from directly above, i sprayed some of the Khaki on it. And just keep doing that all over the gun and it ends up looking pretty decent.

Sadly though, while i was trying to reassembled the gun, The screws started scraping the paint off and whenever metal hit it, it would peel alittle paint off. I did some touch up painting but to prevent this entirely you should you a paint sealer.

I suggest the Krylon Matte Finish.

Its clear and all you need to do is just spray you gun down with it, A few coat of this stuff and your good to go.

Again, I will hopefully have pictures up for this soon.

But that's all i have for today. This is HellRider, Semper Fi Nerf Herders!

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Reply Hellrider
5:18 AM on April 3, 2011 
Hey Liam! thanks for visiting sorry i took so long to get back to you.. THis site has sort of died lol XD but maybe i'll breath back some life into it. I dunno. We'll see :3 But sure i'd be glad to show you how to paint the guns, i have skype if ya want.
Reply Liam
8:54 PM on March 26, 2011 
Hey, I was wondering if you could post a video or something so that I can see how you did it, and did you have a longstrike when you painted your guns? I have the longstrike and I was wondering if you could help with that? Thanks :)
Reply HellRider
12:05 AM on June 2, 2010 
I apologize if there are any misspellings or problems with this post, Webs was acting up and giving me trouble.